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Sights worth seeing,

December 14 2022

London's winter lights

Winter can be cold, drab and dreary, but here at Thistle, we relish the time to spend with loved ones - whether it's savouring the warmth and colour of our cosy restaurant and bar, or taking a brisk winter walk along the River Thames, marvelling at the lights dancing on the water.


St Paul's Cathedral


City of London


Tower of London and Tower Bridge


Embankment and the London Eye


Trafalgar Square and National Gallery


Tower Bridge at night


Regent St and Oxford St Christmas lights


Southbank in winter


From Thistle Picadilly or Thistle Trafalgar Square you can easily head into the West End, and experience the bright lights of Picadilly Circus and the bustle of the theatres, stopping for a drink along the way.

We hope you've enjoyed seeing a few of the brilliant decorations that lit up the city this winter, in case you missed them and need some inspiration to get out there despite the cold.