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Special offers and deals on hotels near London

Looking for a hotel deal in London? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We'll make sure you get the most out of your stay. We're confident there’s a special offer here that will make you smile.

Explore our full selection of special offers for our London-based Thistle hotels. Whether you need a hotel for leisure, a business trip, or you're booking a hotel break for a loved one, we have special offers to suit you. Make your next visit to London worth it with our best deals.

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Special Offer FAQs

What hotel packages do you have?

We have a selection of customised hotel packages. Whether you have plans to spend a weekend in vibrant London or are in search of exclusive member deals, our offers are tailored to fulfil your needs seamlessly. Embark on a journey through our packages available at hotels across London.

Can I combine multiple special offers to maximize my savings?

Our offers cannot be used in conjunction. We advise that you select the deal that best suits your preferences as each of our offers is designed to provide unique experiences and benefits on its own.

Are the special offers applicable to online bookings only or can I also call or email the hotel directly?

To take advantage of our exclusive offers, we kindly recommend making online bookings through the links provided on each offer page, or through the Book Now buttons. Our team is always here to assist if there are any difficulties.

How often are new special offers introduced, and can I sign up to receive notifications for them?

We introduce new special offers and deals often. Sign up for our newsletter, and you will receive notifications whenever our new special offers are available.