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Exterior view of Marble Arch near Thistle Marble Arch

Local Tourist Attractions Near Marble Arch

Marble Arch is a historic London landmark in itself, and the area around it is filled with buzzing restaurants, swish cocktail bars and of course it's close to Hyde Park and the West End. We’ve picked a few of our favourite places for you to discover next time you’re in town.

Shopping mall entrance with people  near Thistle Marble Arch


A fashionable district alongside Hyde Park that boasts the capital’s most exclusive shops, gourmet restaurants and high-end clubs and is an easy walk from the hotel. Think elegant Georgian townhouses, Bond St, Savile Row and Burlington Arcade.

Street Sign board near Thistle Marble Arch

Serpentine Galleries

Located in Kensington Gardens in Hyde Park, the Serpentine Galleries are just a leisurely 25-minute walk from Thistle Marble Arch.  The two galleries showcase fine art and architecture and sit either side of Serpentine Lake.

Souvenir magnets of London landmarks at Thistle Marble Arch

Portman Village

A corner of local life, Portman Village is a cluster of boutique shops, cosy cafes, foodie havens and a refreshing change from the retail behemoths of Oxford Street. You’ll find unique furniture makers, designer clothes, beauty salons and restaurants and bars.

Close-up of a majestic lion sculpture near Thistle Marble Arch

Grant Museum of Zoology

The Grant Museum of Zoology is one of the oldest natural history collections in the UK. This grand museum is home to 68,000 zoological specimens, the collection is a unique window on the entire animal kingdom and includes a fair number of rare and extinct specimens. 

Exterior view of Marble Arch near Thistle Marble Arch

Marble Arch

The iconic Marble Arch is a visually striking monument in London and was designed by the famous architect John Nash in 1827. Inspired by the Arch of Constantine in Rome, and the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel in Paris, it was intended to be the formal front gateway to Buckingham Palace.

Exterior view of Oxford Street near Thistle Marble Arch

Oxford Street

Oxford Street is one of the most famous streets in the world and the most visited in Europe, making it an ideal destination. There are more than 300 retailers on this 1.2 mile (1.9 kilometres) stretch of road between Marble Arch and Tottenham Court Road Station, from the coolest designer outlets to the biggest flagship department stores.