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November 01 2023

Things to do in London alone

London is a city that entertains and is perfect for a fabulous time with the person you know best: you! There’s no shortage of solo activities. London is creative, cool, historic and stacked with things to do. Whether you’re alone for a few hours, a day or longer, here’s our roundup of the best things to do by yourself in London. 


Check out the museums

There are museums, and then there are London museums. It’s no exaggeration to say the capital has incredible cultural big hitters. Many of them are free and huge! You could lose hours inside and still find more to come back for. 


Follow humanity’s journey through history at the British Museum. Visit the Imperial War Museum focusing on stories of World War I and II. Or see the work of contemporary and international masters at the Tate Modern. The Science Museum and Natural History Museum are next to each other, so you could see a rocket ship in the morning and a T-Rex skeleton in the afternoon. 


Mooch around the food markets

Skip the fast-food outlets and chain restaurants. One of the best things to do alone in London is hunt out the best food. London’s food markets are where up-and-coming chefs make their mark, and international flavours change from one stall to the next. Borough Market is the first market many people think of. It’s London’s oldest and largest market, and the choice is vast, so if you’re not sure, follow your nose. 


Over in Bermondsey, the weekend is when Maltby Street market gets cooking. The moon-cheese toasties here are a little messy and a lot naughty, but oh-so yummy. Upping the food stakes (or is that steaks?) is Seven Dials Market. This hip Covent Garden feast fest maximises experimental flavours. Unsurprisingly, it draws in the foodie crowd looking for the next big thing. We have more food market inspiration here


Embrace the British tradition of afternoon tea

Stick out your little finger and gently sip from your delicate cup of steaming tea. This is your quintessential afternoon tea, with crustless cucumber sandwiches, dainty cakes and scones with cream and jam. The Clermont Victoria’s tea lounge is the perfect example. But London is not afraid of twisting traditions, and you don’t need a partner to enjoy it. At SOUND London, go for big and brassy American flavours and iced tea in the afternoon. Cinnamon Bazaar serves chaat and spiced Indian chai. Rather sweetly, at St Pancras Station, you can get your afternoon tea served from a little suitcase. 


Walk around a London park

London has an abundance of green spaces, even in the centre – you’re never far from a Royal Park or community garden. When it’s sunny, this is one of the easiest places to go alone in London if you want a bit of tranquillity.