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December 26 2023

Taste Sensations: London’s weird and wonderful food


At food markets and gastropubs, quirky cafés and fine-dining restaurants, Londoners love to eat out. Plus, chefs from around the world come to London to experiment with flavours and share their recipes. So, it’s little wonder there are plenty of weird dishes across the capital for you to tuck into. We’ve hunted out our favourite unusual foods to tempt you to try something new. This is your opportunity to step from traditional English restaurants in London and try the capital’s best novelty dining. 


Pick and Cheese, Covent Garden

At London’s cheese restaurant is the world’s first conveyor belt of cheese! Pick & Cheese in Seven Dials Market has an endless selection of blue, cream and classic cheeses and charcuterie plates on London’s rotating cheese bar, with breads, crackers, olives and delightful wines to pair with them. 

You can sit up at the bar or book a booth and simply grab the cheese plate that tempts you in the moment. You might enjoy the Bottomless Plates Wednesdays, an all you can eat rotating cheese buffet with as many cheese and charcuterie plates as you can manage in 75 minutes. London’s best cheese restaurant is a novelty dairy feast for cheese lovers. 


Milk Train

Even if you hate photographing food, it’ll be near impossible to resist capturing a picture of yourself holding up your cloud of candy floss ice cream. London is proud to have the first ice cream with candy floss combo in the UK – it’s definitely an unusual sight and utterly sweet to eat. 

Served from an inventive ice-cream parlour in Covent Garden, the popular ice cream candy floss cloud isn’t Milk Train’s only novelty. There are ice-cream pints of mango sticky rice and Victoria sponge cake – or you can go wild and mix ice cream and milkshake flavours together. 


Only Foods and Courses

Only Foods and Courses is dining at its most retro. Here, chef Robbie Lorraine turns traditional London food – 80s and 90s classics of prawn cocktail, ham, egg and chips, arctic roll – into delicious fine dining dishes.

This is pop culture entertainment and childhood memories served as delicious plates of food. Now roaming the streets of London, Robbie’s Only Fools and Courses at pops up food festivals and markets across the capital. 


Lost Souls Pizza

Just when you thought pizza was the safe choice, along comes a vampirish nightmare of a pizza offering in the heart of Camden. The added vegetable charcoal gives these pizza bases their dark soul, unique look and smoking bite. If the Addams Family came to London and fancied pizza, Lost Souls Pizza is the haunt they’d come to. 

There are vegan and vegetarian pizzas if you’d rather not feast on the flesh of others. Add to that a list of killer cocktails and creepy decor and you are in for a fang-tastic gothic pizza night.


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