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Weekend Fun,

July 04 2024

Fun dance classes in London

Step into London’s dance world, where rhythms, movement and passion will you move. Whether you’ve always fancied dancing like you’re in a pop video or you prefer to swing with a partner, there’s a class in London to welcome you. We’ve handpicked the best dance classes in London that anyone can join.


Swing Patrol London

Forget Murder on the Dancefloor, learn to swing. Swing Patrol holds classes, workshops and social dance nights in London, Berlin and Australia. Swing Patrol London has venues across the city teaching Lindy Hop and other swing styles. You can learn as a beginner or step in at a more advanced level, even without a partner. 


Once you feel confident, there are weekly social evenings, sometimes in iconic London venues, like Wilton’s Music Hall, where there are plenty of 50s outfits, and you can swing dance to your heart’s content. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to get social. 


English National ballet classes

Did you ever dream of becoming a ballet dancer? The English National Ballet classes start with a three-week Ballet Absolute Beginner’s course at the East London studios, Mulryan Centre for Dance. This is a course for adults who still want to try ballet but haven’t yet or who haven’t done a plié at the barre for a long time. 


Discover classical ballet techniques, learn basic moves and experience the amazing benefits of this adult-friendly course where no experience is required. Lessons kick off at the barre in the amazing English National Ballet studios and wrap up with some energetic jumps to get your blood flowing. It’s a supportive and welcoming environment – and you even have real musicians playing for your class, taking your moves to the next level. There are further London ballet classes you can progress to as well. 


Music video at Frame

Get out the leg warmers for some street dance choreography to get you feeling like you’re on stage. Music Video dance class London teaches you new moves and keeps the beat in a class that gets you all moving like a dance troupe. If you love the Step Up movies, this is the one for you. 


Frame also hosts dance workouts to different music genres, including 80s Aerobics London classes for Jane Fonda fans and 90s Dance Cardio London with plenty of Spice Girls. Fitness is at the core of these classes, so come prepared for a workout and choose the one that suits your dance style best. 


Absolute Bollywood London dance lessons

Swing those hips with Absolute Bollywood’s high-energy, skilful and super-fun choreography. You can choose Bollywood dance classes to suit your skills, and you’ll learn classical Indian dances, like Kathak and Bharatanatyam mixed with Bhangra, belly dance and modern street styles. You’ll soon be moving in sync with your classmates and wanting to watch a ton of Bollywood movies. 


As well as public classes, Absolute Bollywood offers wedding choreography packages, which can be anything from private lessons to perfect your first dance to an interactive workshop at the wedding, getting all the guests dancing along. The Bollywood dance classes London take place at the Danceworks studios.

If you’re in London for a dance class, stay at one of our Central London Thistle Hotels where you can rest your feet and enjoy a great night’s sleep. Wake up ready to hit the dance studio and maybe even try out your moves on the dance floor at night – Thistle Marble Arch is just a few dance steps away from Danceworks studios, after all.