Signature Programme Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions set out below are important and affect your rights as a Member of the Signature Programme. You should read these Terms and Conditions carefully before quoting your Membership number to Guoman, any Participating Hotel or Partner. Should you have any questions, please telephone 0845 835 0515. These Terms and Conditions contain some exclusions and limitations of liability and set out the contractual relationship between Guoman and each Member of the Signature Programme.

1. Definitions

1.1. In these Terms and Conditions, the following definitions apply:

“Active Member” means a Member who has met, and continues to meet, the Participating Hotel’s Qualifying Nights stay criteria for the Programme, as further detailed in Clauses 3.8-3.9 of these Terms and Conditions (as may be amended from time to time) or has earned/redeemed Benefits in the preceding 12 month period;

“Benefits” means the benefits, services and facilities from time to time available to Members of the Programme, whether provided by Guoman in accordance with clause 14 of these Terms and Conditions, (as may be amended from time to time) or by a  Partner;

“Fraud” includes fraud, dishonesty and deceit and in particular:

  • knowingly supplying incorrect information including at the time of booking a Participating Hotel;
  • altering documents to procure Tier status;
  • attempting to sell or transfer Membership Benefits; or
  • knowingly benefiting from the Fraud or Misconduct of another Member or individual.

“Guoman” means Guoman Hotel Management (UK) Limited, its subsidiaries and affiliates;

"Loss" means losses, costs, damages, injuries, accidents or claims (whether direct or indirect) suffered by Members in connection with the provision of the Programme or Benefits;

“Member” means an individual who has joined the Programme, having consented to the Terms and Conditions

“Membership” means Membership of the Programme;

 “Membership Card” means, where issued, a Blue, Ruby or Gold Programme Membership Card, as the case may be;

“Misconduct” includes:

  •  failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions or the terms and conditions of a Partner; or
  • attempting to obtain Tier status by Fraud; or
  • misusing the Benefits; or
  • misconduct whilst staying at a Participating Hotel or while checking-in; or
  • misconduct in dealing with the staff of Guoman and/or a Participating Hotel or the staff of any Partner;

“Participating Hotels” means Guoman and Thistle hotels within the UK that may be added or removed from the Programme at any time at the sole discretion of Guoman;

“Partners” means third parties involved in the Programme selected at the sole discretion of Guoman. These Partners and the basis on which they are participating will be displayed on the Programme Web Site;

 “Programme” means the Signature Programme operated by Guoman Hotel Management (UK) Limited;

 “Programme Website” means www.guomansignature.comor www.thistlesignature.comor such other website as Guoman may substitute from time to time;

“Qualifying Night” means a room night at a Participating Hotel at a qualifying room rate, as further defined in Clauses 3.8-3.9 of these Terms and Conditions (as may be amended from time to time);

 “Membership Services Centre” means the manned office dedicated to the Signature programme

“Terms and Conditions” means these terms and conditions and as amended from time to time by Guoman [together with any terms and conditions up appearing on the Programme Website]; and

“Tier” means the tier allocated to the Member under the Programme being either Blue, Ruby or Gold as appropriate.  Tier thresholds and Tier retention criteria can be found on the Programme Website and are subject to change by Guoman at their sole discretion without notice to the Members.

2. Programme Rules

2.1. The Programme and the Benefits associated with its Membership are owned by and offered at the sole discretion of Guoman.

2.2. The rights and obligations of Guoman under the Programme may be assigned or transferred by Guoman to any other related or unrelated entity at any time, and performance thereafter shall be the responsibility of that entity.

2.3. To the extent permitted by local law or regulation, these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law.  Guoman and each Member submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts to resolve any disputes that may arise out of them.

2.4. Any provision of these Terms and Conditions declared void or unenforceable by any competent authority or court shall, to the extent of such invalidity or unenforceability, be deemed severable and shall not affect the other provisions remaining which shall continue unaffected.

2.5. If there is any conflict in meaning between the English language version of these Terms and Conditions and any version or translation of these Terms and Conditions in any other language, the English language version shall prevail.

2.6. These Terms and Conditions supersede all prior Terms and Conditions, oral or written proposals, or any other communications to the Member relating to the Programme.

2.7. Guoman may change these Terms and Conditions, processes, regulations, awards, Benefits and special offers related thereto at any time, with or without notice.  Members who do not accept the amendments may terminate their Membership by writing to their local service centre stating that they no longer wish to be a Member and (if applicable) enclosing their Card cut in half. Any such termination will result in a loss of all accrued and unredeemed Benefits and does not relieve the Member of any continuing obligations under these Terms and Conditions.

2.8. To apply for Membership, an individual must apply via submitting an application at a Participating Hotel or by visiting www.thistlesignature.comor Membership applications must state the applicant's full name, email address and preferred mailing address for correspondence. The preferred mailing address determines the applicability of any local rules or restrictions relating to the Programme and eligibility for local promotions or the Benefits. Members cannot state more than one preferred mailing address.

2.9. Correspondence will be sent to the Member's last preferred mailing address and/or the e-mail address provided on application or in accordance with Clause 2.8.  Guoman reserves the right to provide information, including changes to the Programme, only to Active Members.

2.10. Guoman will not be responsible for late, lost or misdirected mail.

2.11 Membership of the Programme is free and available to individuals aged 18 and over residing in countries that legally permit participation in customer loyalty programmes. 

2.12 Membership is offered at the sole discretion of Guoman and Guoman may refuse/withdraw Membership to any applicant/Member at any time.

2.9. Companies, partnerships, proprietorship, trust, unincorporated associations or similar and other corporate legal entities are ineligible for Membership.

2.10. Membership of the Programme is not open to employees of Guoman except for specially designated employee incentive programmes.

2.11. Only one Membership account is permitted per person. Membership is registered in the individual’s name and at his/her stated address. Applicants accepted as Members will be given a Membership number and may be provided with a Membership Card.

2.12. A Membership Card is personal to the Member and can only be used by the Member named on it for his/her own personal benefit.  The Membership Card does not become valid until signed by the Member. The Member undertakes to ensure that no unauthorised person obtains access to, nor makes unauthorised use of,  the Member’s Membership Card and/or Membership number.  Cards are not transferable in any circumstances.

2.13. If a Member ceases to be an Active Member, Guoman reserves the right to terminate their Membership of the Programme without notice to the Member.

2.14. Guoman reserves the right to terminate the Programme at any time but will use its reasonable endeavours to give at least three months' notice to all Active Members.  Each Member acknowledges that, at the end of the period of notice, the Members right, if any, to the Benefits will cease.

2.11. Membership will terminate automatically:

2.11.1. When a Member has not earned or redeemed Benefits for 36 consecutive months; and

2.11.2  Upon the death of a Member. Benefits accumulated but unused at the time of death shall be cancelled.

Fraud or abuse concerning the Programme usage and/or Membership Benefits or Misconduct generally is subject to appropriate administrative and/or legal action by Guoman. Penalties may include but are not limited to the forfeiture of all accrued and accruing Benefits of the Member and revocation of Membership/ right to use the Membership Card, all of which may be exercised by Guoman in its sole discretion and without incurring any liability, whether financial or otherwise, to the Member thereby.

2.15. The Member shall be liable to Guoman and/or any Partner for the full price of any Benefit, wholly or partly as a result of Fraud and/or Misconduct, in accordance with the published rates applicable together with any reasonable costs, including legal fees, incurred by Guoman.

2.16. In the event of the termination of Membership, the Membership Card (if applicable) must be returned to Guoman within 7 days of the date of notification of termination of Membership.

2.17. Guoman may terminate the Programme and replace it with a similar Programme at any time, immediately upon notice to all Active Members. 

2.18. Earning of Benefits and redemption of e-vouchers are subject to all applicable laws and regulations in  the country in which they are received.

2.19. Benefits, certificates and awards may be subject to income or other taxes. Such taxes and all disclosures related thereto are the sole responsibility of the recipient Member.  Any questions regarding such considerations must be directed by the receiving Member to the relevant authorities. Guoman disclaim all and any liability whatsoever with respect to taxes or tax obligations imposed on any Member in respect of Benefits and awards received under the Programme.

2.20. Guoman reserve the right, in its sole discretion, to immediately terminate an offending Member’s Membership if a Member acts in a manner inconsistent with any local, state, or federal law or ordinance, or in an abusive manner towards an employee of Guoman or its agents, or otherwise misuses the Benefits of Membership or fails to pay any valid bill or account when due to Guoman, any Participating Hotel or of any Partner.

2.21. Guoman make no warranties or representations, either express or implied, and expressly disclaim any and all liability (including consequential damages) with respect to type, quality or fitness of goods or services provided through the Programme.

2.22. Guoman are not responsible for, and reserve the right to correct, any pricing or typographical errors, errors of description, or errors regarding Participating Hotels and Partners that appear in any literature or other medium describing the Programme, the Benefits, awards, and Membership.

2.23. A Member may not hold more than one Programme Membership at any one time.  In the case of duplication of Membership, all Membership (other than the first Membership approved by Guoman) will be cancelled and any Benefits under such additional Membership will be cancelled.

2.24. Guoman reserves the right to audit a Member's account and records without notice to the Member to check for compliance with these Terms and Conditions and any other applicable rules, regulations or terms and conditions.

2.25. Membership is held in the name of the individual applicant, but eligible persons sharing the same residential mailing address may each apply for Membership in their own right.  Membership may not be transferred between two specifically designated Membership accounts at the same address.

2.26. The sale or barter of any Membership, e-vouchers or other Benefits (other than by Guoman) is strictly prohibited and Guoman reserves the right to terminate the Membership, award certificates or Benefits in such instances.

2.27. Benefits or e-vouchers are not redeemable for cash or any other form of credit and have no value until presented for redemption in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of this Programme.

2.28. The Programme Members Services Centre must be contacted immediately in writing if a Member’s Membership Card is lost, stolen or if a Member’s contact details have changed.   If a Membership Card is lost, stolen or damaged, a replacement card can be requested by the Member through the Programme Website or through the Programme Members Services Centre.  Any replacement card will be issued with the same Membership number.

2.29. All interpretations of these Terms and Conditions shall be at the sole discretion of Guoman.

2.30. Nothing contained in these Terms and Conditions shall limit Guoman in the exercise of any legal or equitable rights or remedies.

2.31. Guoman will not be liable for any Loss resulting from alteration to, or termination of the Programme or the right to earn or redeem Benefits except for Loss caused by its own negligence or wilful misconduct.

2.32. Guoman will not be liable for any Loss if, by reason of local legal or regulatory prohibitions or restrictions, the Programme or the whole or any part of the Benefits cannot be made available in certain countries or to certain Members.

2.33. In order to be accepted for Membership, persons applying for Membership must accept the Privacy Terms outlined below. 

3. Membership and Tier Qualification

Blue – 0-3 nights
Ruby – 4-10 nights
Gold – 11 or more nights

3.1. The Programme is not a members' or proprietors' club.

3.2. The Membership year is based on a 12 month period and starts when a Member is accepted into the Programme.  This will become their  “Anniversary Date”. Applicants will be admitted to Membership on the date they [sign the Membership Card or the date they first quote their Membership number to a Participating Hotel or a Partner (whichever occurs first)]. By using the Membership Card and/or providing their Membership number and/or participating in the Signature Programme, Members agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions (as amended from time to time).

3.3. On achieving a higher Tier threshold, Members will be automatically upgraded, and immediately awarded the status, relevant Benefits and given a new Membership Card accordingly.

3.4. The Membership year continues until the Anniversary Date for the Member, at which point the Member will either retain Tier status or be upgraded to the next Tier.

3.5. If Members do not achieve the required number of Qualifying Nights for Tier retention within their current Tier during the 12 month period from their Anniversary Date, they will be automatically downgraded on their Anniversary Date and their Membership year starts again at the appropriate Tier level.

3.6. Alternatively, Members will remain at the same Tier level if they meet the Tier retention criteria.

3.7. A Member must make a minimum of two separate (and not consecutive) stays of Qualifying Nights per Membership year to qualify or requalify for Tier status in addition to the required Qualifying Nights for other higher Tier levels.

3.8. The basis for earning Tier status may change from time to time at Guoman’s sole discretion and changes will be posted on the Programme website.  A “Qualifying Night” for Tier status is a night’s stay at Guoman/Thistle hotels, at qualifying room rates in accordance with Guoman’s booking terms and conditions for accommodation.

3.9. Members acknowledge and accept that certain deeply discounted and centrally negotiated rates are excluded as Qualifying Nights. These include, but are not limited to, the following rate codes:

a) Room rates booked under banqueting events
b) Travel industry rates (agents or associates rates)
c) Aircrew room rates
d) Room rates for Guoman employees and Partner employees.
e) Complimentary accommodation or any other Guoman/Thistle offer
f) Tour operator groups parties of 10 rooms or more
g) Force majeure accommodation provide by airlines where flight have been delayed, deferred or cancelled.

3.10. Only the Member whose name is on the accommodation record will be awarded Tier status recognition for stays toward achieving increased Member status or other promotional goals. Stays recognised for Tier qualification will be credited in respect of one room, per Member, per night regardless of the number of reservations booked and paid for by the Member. Tier status stays are not awarded for "no shows" even if the room is paid for in full. An eligible stay will be registered on the Member’s Membership account within two weeks after check-out.

3.11. Tier status stays, promotions and discounts will not apply at any Affiliate of Guoman other than at Participating Hotels, unless otherwise advertised. All stays subsequent to the date on which a hotel ceased to be a Participating Hotel will not be eligible to earn Tier status regardless of when the reservation was made.

3.12. Tier status stays will not be earned for a stay or reservation at a Participating Hotel made prior to the date the Member's application was accepted as shown in the records of Guoman. No retroactive credit will be given for stays prior to joining unless specifically stated in any promotion.

4. Using the Membership Card

4.1. Members must present the Membership Card at booking, service use or payment stage. A Member may be required to provide their Membership number at reservation stage but the Membership Card must be presented either at check in or check out.  

4.2. The Membership Card is not a credit card. It remains the property of Guoman and must be returned immediately if requested.

4.3. From time to time, Guoman may introduce Partners who will offer services as part of the Programme on such Partner’s terms and conditions  and will be detailed on the Programme Website.  Guoman will not be liable for any Loss arising from the failure by the Partner to provide these services except where such failure is caused by Guoman’s own negligence or wilful misconduct.  Guoman may discontinue relationships with Partners at any time and will give Active Members such notice of this discontinuance as is reasonably practicable in the circumstances.

5. Privacy Policy  

5.1. This Privacy Policy and that stated on the websites of Guoman & Thistle form part of the Terms and Conditions of the Programme, and should be read in conjunction with these Terms and Conditions.
Members acknowledge and agree that they are agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy by joining the Programme.

5.2. Guoman and its Partners in the Programme have the right to use Membership information captured and stored in computers in relation to the  activities related to marketing and marketing communication. By accepting these Privacy Terms,  the Member consents to Guoman processing personal data about the Member and the Member's activities within the Programme for the purposes of administrating the Programme, controlling and implementing reservations and other orders, coordinating activities and special offerings with Partners, and marketing. The Member also thereby consents to the transfer by Guoman of personal data about the Member to a country that is not a Member of the European Union or part of the European Economic Area whether or not they have data protection laws.

5.3. Under the data protection legislation of various countries, Guoman are required to particularly draw your attention to the fact that by applying for Membership or by continuing to exercise the privileges of Membership and in order to make it possible for Guoman to perform its obligations under the Programme, you accept and explicitly authorise that your personal information which is supplied by you in the enrolment form or Membership application on the internet or during the course of your Programme Membership (i) shall be processed Guoman in its capacity of data controller, by its subsidiaries, affiliates or franchisees, including hotels, and by the Programme Member Services Centre and (ii) may be transferred worldwide to any third parties with which Guoman is affiliated within the scope of the Programme (including the Partners) or to third parties to process your personal data on Guoman’s behalf or where required by applicable law or in the event of a company reorganisation, merger or acquisition, for the use of such information for its (their) administration of Membership records, guest service, advertising, marketing and communication purposes. They or Guoman may contact you for marketing purposes by mail, fax, telephone or e-mail as permitted by permissions given in your Membership application and you accept that you do not and will not consider any of the above as being a breach of any of your rights under the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.

5.4. Guoman draw your attention to the fact that you have a right to request a copy of the personal data held about you, by sending a written request to the Signature Member Services Centre and paying the appropriate

5.5. If you provide personal information about others (for example ‘Member get Member’ or other such promotions), Guoman will only use that information for the reason it was submitted.

5.6. A cornerstone in Guoman’s strategy is to create long-term customer relationships that are built on care, trust and respect. To ensure its commitment to these principles Guoman, considers customer relationships as a key asset to be guarded and protected like any other asset of the company. Therefore Guoman’s site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under Guoman’s control.

5.7. Guoman’s website may provide links to third party sites. Since Guoman do not control those web sites, Guoman encourage you to review the privacy policies of these third party sites. Guoman are in no way responsible for content on third party sites.

5.8. Cookies enable Guoman to provide you with a better experience by allowing Guoman to understand what areas of the website are of interest to their visitors and Members. These small text-files do not track individual information. If you choose to disable cookies in your browser, you can still access most of Guoman’s website.

5.9. If at any time you wish to stop receiving electronic communications from Guoman, you can unsubscribe by logging into your Signature account at www.thistlesignature.comor www.guomansignature.comand selecting  ‘cancel account’ from drop-down list on the ‘contact us’ page

6. Personal information Guoman collects about you.

6.1. Guoman collect transactional information (such as your name, email address, telephone number, reservation data) as well as information you actively provide to Guoman, for example, when you book a reservation through Guoman’s central reservation service, stay at any Guoman hotel, or when you modify your personal profile. 

6.2. Guoman may enter into strategic relationships with companies outside of Guoman who offer products and services that may be of interest to you. If you participate in one of these programs and have given appropriate permissions then our strategic partner may send Guoman personal information about you as part of our strategic relationship. 

6.3. Guoman collect personal information about our guests from public sources and from other companies.

7. Use of your personal information

7.1. The purposes for which your personal information may be used are:

a) to provide the information, programmes, products and service you request;
b) to personalise your experience when you stay at a Guoman & Thistle hotels;
c) to support the functionality and to personalise the layout and content of Guoman web sites to match your needs, interests and preferences;
d) to send you promotional messages and special offers based on your privacy preferences;
e) for security and fraud prevention purposes;
f) to better understand Guoman’s guests; and
g) to improve Guoman’s programmes, services and web sites.

8. Choices you have about the use of your personal information for marketing purposes.

8.1. You may choose whether you wish to receive marketing communications from Guoman, and you may change your privacy preferences at any time.

8.2. Your privacy preferences will be set at our basic level, which states as follows:

8.2.1.  Yes, I would like to receive promotional messages and special offers from the Signature Programme.   You will receive marketing communications and special offers from the Programme and participating properties.

8.2.2. If you no longer wish to receive communications from Guoman, which will result in the termination of your Membership, you will need to log into your Signature account at www.guomansignature.comor www.thistlesignature.comand select ‘cancel account’ from the drop-down list on the  ‘Contact Us’ page.

9. Sharing your information with others.

9.1. Guoman may share your personal information in the following ways:

9.1.1. Guoman share your personal information among the Guoman and Thistle hotels (including the employees, agents, sub-contractor) on a need to know basis for use in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

9.1.2. Guoman share your personal information with strategic partners and/or service providers to provide the information, products and services that you have requested or to personalize your experience.

9.1.3. Guoman share your personal information with companies that perform services on their behalf, such as companies providing programme management, marketing support, data processing and technical infrastructure support. 

9.1.4. Guoman’s service providers, strategic partners, and Guoman are bound by contract to use the personal information Guoman shares with them only for the limited purposes for which Guoman provides it to them and to take reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity and security of your personal information. They may not use or share your personal information in a manner that would be inconsistent with Guoman’s promises to you under this Privacy Policy, and they must comply with all applicable privacy and data protection laws.

9.1.5. Guoman may transfer your personal information to another entity that has acquired the stock or substantially all of the assets of Guoman, or one of its or their operating divisions, for example, as the result of a sale, merger, or reorganisation, insolvency, dissolution or liquidation. If such a transfer occurs, the acquiring entity's use of your personal information will still be subject to this Privacy Policy.

9.1.6. There are other limited circumstances in which Guoman may share or transfer your personal information to unrelated third parties, including for example, when Guoman believe disclosure is appropriate to comply with a law, regulatory requirement, court order, or a subpoena; to cooperate with law enforcement or other governmental investigations; to prevent or investigate a possible crime, such as fraud or identity theft; to protect legal rights, property or safety of you, Guoman, its employees, agents, other guests, or the public in general.

10. Protection of your personal information

10.1. Guoman implements appropriate physical, technical and organisational security for the management and transmission of personal data, including appropriate security measures to protect such data from accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access and all other unlawful forms of processing.

11. Access to your personal information

11.1. You may update, delete, or correct your key account information at any time by contacting us. If you have additional questions, please contact Guoman. When contacting Guoman, you may be asked to verify your identity. Guoman will respond to your request within 30 days and, in any event, within the time period established under applicable laws. Guoman may limit or deny your request if Guoman are unable to verify your identity, if it involves the disclosure of confidential or sensitive information or is otherwise permitted under applicable law.

12. Web technologies Guoman use to collect information about you

12.1. When you visit the Programme Website, Guoman may use the following web technologies to collect the following types of information:

  • information that is sent to us automatically by your web browser when you access our web sites. This information typically includes the IP address of your Internet service provider and the type of operating system and browser installed on your computer. 
  • A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer's hard disk by a Web server. Guoman use "session cookies" to assign a randomly-generated unique identification number to your computer each time you visit one of our websites. A session cookie expires after you close your browser. Guoman use session cookies to support the functionality of our Websites - which pages they visit, which links they use, and how long they stay on each page. Guoman may also use "persistent cookies." These cookies do not expire when you close your browser, but stay on your computer until they expire or you delete them. Each time you visit any of our websites, our web server will recognise the cookie on your computer's hard drive. By assigning your computer a persistent, unique identifier, Guoman are able to create a database of your previous choices and preferences. In situations where these choices or preferences need to be collected again, they can be provided by us automatically saving you time and effort. Assigning your computer a persistent, unique identifier also helps us keep a more accurate account of how many people visit our websites, how often they return, how their use of our websites may vary over time, and the effectiveness of our promotional efforts. If you access our websites through an e-mail Guoman have sent you or you've created a "user identity" during one of your visits, the information provided by our or our third party service provider cookies or other tracking technologies may be linked to information in our records that identifies you personally. 

13. Modifications to this Privacy Policy

13.1. This Privacy Policy may be supplemented or amended by privacy notices ("Privacy Notices") provided at the time Guoman collect specific personal information. In addition, Guoman reserve the right, at our discretion, to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time. The level of notice Guoman will provide when Guoman change this Privacy Policy will depend on the nature of the change. 

13.2. Guoman will notify you of any material changes to this Privacy Policy by sending you notice by e-mail at the last e-mail address you provided us and by posting a notice on the home page of each of our websites and at the top of the revised Privacy Policy for at least 30 days after the new effective date to let you know what has changed. Material changes to this Privacy Policy will be effective as of the effective date included in the notice to you or, if no effective date is included, 30 days after Guoman send the notice to you.

13.3. You acknowledge and accept that you are responsible for updating your profile by contacting us so that your contact information is always current. Our mailing of the notice to your last e-mail address will constitute effective notice of the changes described in the notice. If you do not provide us with a current e-mail address, it is your responsibility to check our websites periodically for changes to this privacy policy. 

13.4. If Guoman make only minor changes to this Privacy Policy, Guoman will replace this Privacy Policy with the new Privacy Policy and change the "effective" date at the top of this Privacy Policy for at least 30 days after the new effective date so that you will know what has changed. Minor changes include, for example, changes to our contact information or the examples contained in a section of this Privacy Policy. 

13.5. By continuing to stay at Guoman hotels, participate in our programmes, or use our websites following such notice you are agreeing to any changes to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to any changes in our Policy, you must notify us to close your account with us and terminate your Membership.

13.6. How to contact us with questions or concerns about our privacy practices

a) Emailing us by visiting the ‘contact us’ page at www.thistlesignature.comor
b) By telephone on: +44 (0) 845 835 0515

14. Membership Benefits – Terms and Conditions

14.1. Free Sunday night

a) The voucher is valid for 3 months from issue.
b) Your Free Sunday night is on a Room Only basis and is subject to availability.
c) Only one free Sunday night voucher will be accepted per member.
d) Free Sunday night can only be used in conjunction with a reservation for an adjoining night's stay, either the Saturday or Monday. The adjoining night's stay will be charged at the 'flexible rate' for that date.
e) Your Free Sunday night and Saturday or Monday reservation can only be made by ringing Membership Services. Please have your Signature Programme membership number ready at time of booking. Bookings must be made at least 3 days prior to the desired arrival date.
f) Your Sunday night stay will not act as a qualifying night for the Signature Programme.
g) You must present a printed copy of your free Sunday night voucher upon arrival at the hotel to receive their free Sunday night stay. Any members unable to present their voucher will be charged for the Sunday night stay at the best available rate for that date.
h) This offer is not available in conjunction with any other promotion and only applies to new bookings.

14.2. Free lunch on Sunday

a) Free lunch on Sunday is available to Members upon receipt of an e-voucher.
b) Free lunch on Sunday e-voucher is valid for 6 months from issue date.
c) Only one free lunch on Sunday e-voucher will be accepted per Member. The free lunch on Sunday only applies to that Member, and not any accompanying guests who will be charged the published price for the lunch.
d) Free lunch on Sunday e-voucher is only valid for food, to a maximum value of £25. Any drinks ordered during the meal will be charged to you at the published prices.
e) You must present a copy of your free lunch on Sunday e-voucher to the restaurant before requesting the bill. If you are unable to present your e-voucher, you will be charged at the published price for the lunch.
f) Free lunch on Sunday is available in any restaurant or bar outlet in Participating Hotels subject to availability but specifically excluding: The Grand Imperial at The Grosvenor and any COSTA or Starbucks outlets associated with the Participating Hotel.

14.3. Free WIFI

a)  Free WIFI is available at any Participating Hotel to all Members. The amount of free WIFI depends on your Tier level:
i. Blue: 30 mins free WIFI in 24-hour period;
ii. Ruby: 60 mins free WIFI in 24-hour period;
iii. Gold: Unlimited free WIFI.
b)  Qualifying Members must present their Membership Card at reception to receive the voucher entitling them to free WIFI.  If you are unable to produce your Membership Card, you will be asked to pay the published price for WIFI access.
c)  Free WIFI only applies to that Member, and not any accompanying guests who will be asked to pay the published price for WIFI access.
d)  This Benefit is not available in conjunction with any other promotion, cannot be pre-booked nor used in association with any event or function.
e)  Free WIFI does not have to be used in conjunction with a stay and is strictly subject to availability.

 Given the WIFI service is provided by a third party, the Member acknowledges and agrees that no person has nor is held out as having any authority to give any statement, warranty, representation, or undertaking (express or implied) on behalf of Guoman in connection with the WIFI connectivity, coverage, speed, bandwidth or uninterrupted service or for any other technical faults outside the control of Guoman and any liability of Guoman for any failure or shortcoming in the provision of WIFI at a Participating Hotel is hereby expressly disclaimed.

14.4. Late Check Out on Sunday

a) Late check out on Sunday offer is available to all Members upon joining the Programme.
b) The Benefit is only valid as part of a stay and only applies to Members checking out on a Sunday.  The latest possible check out time is 6pm.
c) Members must present their Membership Card upon arrival at the Participating Hotel to qualify for this Benefit. 
d) The Benefit is not available in conjunction with any other promotion.
e) The Benefit is subject to availability. 
14.5. Dedicated check-in
a) Dedicated check-in is available to all Programme Ruby and Gold Tier Members only.
b) Dedicated check-in allows qualifying Members to check-in at the designated area, reducing the potential time taken to check-in upon arrival at the Participating Hotel.
c) Qualifying Members must present their Membership Card at the dedicated check-in area to qualify for the service. If you are unable to present your Membership Card you will be asked to check-in at the main reception desk.
14.6. Free Tea & Coffee at Weekends
a) Free tea & coffee on the weekend offer is only available to Programme Ruby and Gold Tier Members.
b) The Benefit applies to all teas and coffees on the menu with the exception of liqueur or other alcoholic coffees, and afternoon tea packages. 
c) The Benefit is only available at weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday only.
d) Only two teas or coffees can be ordered per qualifying Member per day.
e) Free tea or coffee only applies to the qualifying Member, and not any accompanying guests who will be charged the published price for their drinks.
f) Qualifying Members must present their Membership Card before ordering to receive their free tea or coffee.  If you are unable to present your card, you will be charged at the published price.
g) The Benefit is available in any restaurant or bar outlet in a Participating Hotel but specifically excludes: The Grand Imperial at The Grosvenor and any COSTA or Starbucks outlets associated with the Participating Hotel.
h) The Benefit is not available in conjunction with any other promotion, cannot be pre-booked or used in association with any event or function.

14.7. 72 Hour Guaranteed Room Availability

a) 72 hour guaranteed room availability is available to Programme Gold Tier Members only.
b) The guarantee ensures that as a Signature Gold Member can reserve one room (room type subject to availability) at any Participating Hotel as long as the Signature Gold Member makes this reservation a minimum of 72 hours in advance of the requested arrival date.  The guarantee is not available for more than one room, and the qualifying Member must be one of the guests.
c) The guarantee does not apply to any reservation request received by the Participating Hotel less than 72 hours in advance of 2pm on the arrival date.
d) Qualifying Members should make their reservations as normal, and only in the event there is no availability at the hotel selected should they contact Membership Services Centre directly to request a reservation.
e) Qualifying Members will be asked to provide their Programme Membership number at the time of booking. If you are unable to provide a qualifying Membership number, you will not be able to make a reservation.
f) Rates quoted will be the best available rates for the dates requested. The guarantee is not available for any promotional rates or special Programme Member offers.
g) Availability will be restricted to a set number of rooms on any single night per hotel. In the event this quota is reached, the 72 hour guaranteed room availability will be withdrawn from that specific hotel for that date and Guoman will use reasonable endeavours to secure a room at another property in the locality on the Members’ behalf.
h) Due to the London 2012 Olympic Games, Guoman are unable to guarantee rooms between 27 July and 12 August 2012.

14.8. Free Room Upgrade:
a) Free room upgrade is available to all Programme Gold Tier Members.
b) Free room upgrade cannot be pre-booked, and is subject to availability on arrival at the hotel.
c) This Benefit is not available in conjunction with any other promotion.

14.9. From time to time, Guoman may offer other special promotional rates or Benefits for Members which will be subject to the terms and conditions as published with each offer or Benefit and which take precedence over these Terms and Conditions. Unless otherwise permitted by Guoman, Benefits (including those special promotional Benefits) may not be used in conjunction with other awards, promotions, coupons, discounts or special offers.

14.10. In the case of dispute about entitlements to Benefits/Tier status, Guoman may require proof of the dispute.  Claims must be lodged within 7 days.