Know-How Squad

Welcome to our Thistle Know-How Squad pages, where we invite you to get to know our specialist, on-the-floor experts…

Our Squad members have been carefully hand-picked for their attention to detail and passion within their roles – they are a team of ten, guest-facing experts working in varied roles across our hotels.

The Know-How Squad all have one thing in common – absolute ‘know-how’ in their departments and proven excellence in guest satisfaction. We decided we wanted to share this expert knowledge, so have introduced this advisory panel to be on hand to answer all your questions.

Whether you’re intrigued to know how Barbara the Head of Housekeeping makes up the perfect bed, or how Head Chef Martin makes a succulent lamb roast, our Thistle experts are inviting all questions to be submitted to them via the Thistle Facebook page, please see here:

Members of the Know-How Squad will also regularly share their tricks of the trade, presenting their top tips on these Facebook pages - so please do look out for them!

Our Thistle Know-How Squad members are:

  1. Ahmed Ali

    Ahmed Ali

    Guest Relations Manager

    I care for every guest that walks through our doors as if they were members of my own family...

  2. Barbara Sheridan

    Barbara Sheridan

    Executive Head Housekeeper

    My unusual bedroom finds: false teeth, a wedding dress, unlimited credit cards, £10,000 cash and unmentionables...

  3. Christina Canale-Dow

    Christina Canale-Dow

    Food and Beverage Manager

    Many people would be surprised to know that if my department were a standalone business, it would turn over £1.9 million a year...

  4. Clare Convey

    Clare Convey

    Meeting & Events Sales Manager

    No day is ever the same and I’m often caught rolling up my sleeves and helping out on the floor...

  5. Hugh McClymont

    Hugh McClymont

    Food & Beverage Operative

    People often wonder how I have so much energy at the age of 69. My secret is simple – a spot of golf, ballroom dancing and singing!...

  6. Julie Chadwick

    Julie Chadwick

    Wedding Specialist and Organiser

    We treat every event as if it’s our own, whether it’s a wedding or party...

  7. Ken Eunson

    Ken Eunson

    Head Concierge

    I am honored to be a member of the Society of the Golden Keys, a knowledge-sharing network of concierges...

  8. Lorna Hardy

    Lorna Hardy

    Bars Manager

    Being given the opportunity to manage the bars at the biggest banqueting hotel in Scotland is my biggest achievement...

  9. Martin Ng

    Martin Ng

    Head Chef

    You could say food is in my blood. I come from three generations of cooks/chefs and even when I was baby, I was in and around food!...

  10. Raj Singh

    Raj Singh

    Meeting & Events Operations Manager

    People would be amazed by how much planning and preparation goes into the events we hold, however big or small...