The Market Place
As a leading hotel company, we are committed to the highest standards of business practices towards our guests, suppliers and partners.
  • Our services and facilities will, where reasonably practical, be accessible to all, including those with disabilities or special needs.
  • All areas of our business will operate a healthy and safe environment for our guests, employees, visitors and contractors.
  • We are committed to acting honourably at all times throughout our business and as well as with third parties.
  • We are committed to the personal safety of all guests.
  • We are committed to appropriate investment in our properties.
  • Our purchasing department always consider ethical and environmental obligations in all activities.
  • Ethical and environmental questionnaires are a requirement within our tenders and the results are used as part of the decision making process when selecting suppliers.
  • We will not purchase from any organisation whose products are produced with the exploitation of child labour, paying an unfair wage in poor working conditions or any other violation of worker’s rights.
  • We are committed to honesty and transparency in our communication with customers and we adhere to industry best-practice in advertising and other marketing activity.

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