The Environment

Guoman Hotel Management (UK) Limited actively seeks ways to reduce our impact on the environment and we work with suppliers, partners and our team-members to ensure that we all understand the environmental impact of our operations. All areas of our business are targeted with reducing energy and water consumption and increasing recycling levels.

  • Energy consumption
    Energy consumption is the largest environmental impact of our business and we actively explore and implement as appropriate, any initiative that could reduce our energy consumption. For example, low energy lighting, regular boiler efficiency audits, maximum water temperatures and movement sensor-controlled lighting are just some of our current initiatives.
  • Water
    Society often overlooks that water is a scarce resource, but we actively strive and encourage our team-members to conserve water usage throughout our business. By detailed measurement and innovation to reduce consumption, we have implemented a proactive water monitoring process to quickly identify leaks and potential problems, in addition to providing water saving devices in toilets and restrictors for taps and showers.
  • Waste management
    As a group standard, every one of our hotels is targeted with ensuring that the proportion of their waste that goes to landfill is less than 40% in each financial year and we are committed to increasing recycling levels year on year. Waste streams are segregated at all hotels and paper, glass and cardboard are recycled.
    We continue to work with suppliers to reduce the excess packaging and increase the use of recycled cardboard and reusable delivery trays wherever possible.
  • Responsible purchasing
    We ensure that all our suppliers are aware of our environmental goals and have their own environmental policies in place. Wherever practical, we purchase products made from renewable and ethically sound sources.
    We aim to exceed the minimum standards our business is required to achieve by environmental legislation and set our general managers challenging environmental targets to meet. Every hotel’s performance in each financial year is accurately measured and reported to the CSR committee for review.

We recognise that people are key to our environmental success and all employees are encouraged to be environmentally responsible through regular training, instruction and awareness raising activities.

This policy is regularly monitored by the group CSR committee and updated to reflect new initiatives and processes that can further drive our ability to reduce our impact on the environment both locally and nationally.

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