These Guidelines set forth the policies of Guoman Hotel Management (UK) Limited, it’s group companies and affiliates (together, the “Company”) concerning the use of Company’s Intellectual Property and placing of bookings by agents or its other affiliates (“Agents”). The intention of these Guidelines is to protect the Company’s Intellectual Property and reputation, as well as avoiding confusing guests, prospective guests and other third parties. Compliance with the Guidelines will ensure that the marketing efforts of the Company are not being undermined.

Any breach of these guidelines will be considered a material breach of the Agent’s or affiliate’s agreement with the Company which may result in the Agent’s  agreement with the Company being terminated, and/or have any due commissions withheld or reduced to zero.

Branding Guidelines:

Where the Agent is permitted to place and/or promote Bookings on their or their affiliates Company website(s) and subsequently wishes to place and/or promote Bookings through an alternative channel or website(s) then such alternative channel or website(s) must be approved in writing by the Company’s authorised representative or designated Account Manager. 

Agents should ensure that it is clear that they do not represent themselves as,, or any other of the Company’s brand websites, in any advertising or website text.

When placing Bookings the Agent will use the descriptions supplied and / or agreed by the Company from time to time, and will only use the Company’s trade marks in line with the Company’s brand policy, as notified by the Company to the Agent from time to time and in accordance with the terms of the Agent’s agreement with the Company.  In particular the Agent shall update content on its website that relates to the hotel as and when requested by the Company and shall ensure that all information displayed on its website is consistent with the most recent updates provided by the Company.

The Agent will not use the “Thistle” or “Guoman” brand or any other brand, or any key words incorporating such brands, in any online advertising or promotion or sponsored search listing.

PPC Campaigns

The terms and conditions highlighted below are applicable across all advertising platforms, including, but not limited to, search engines, advertising networks and social media advertising across multiple devices including mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

Ad Title and Ad Text - PPC campaigns

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company, agents are not allowed to use trademarks in Ad Copy Title text, to show brand terms, including property names in the Ad title/text or to use misspellings of brand trademarks in the PPC Ad Titles/text.

Brand Bidding

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company, Agents are not permitted to bid on any trade mark of the Company (or of the Company’s group) or upon derivatives of such trade marks e.g. Thistle Hotel Euston, which includes misspellings e.g. tistle, thislte, thystle. 

Use of the brand in URL or Ad copies

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company, Agents are not permitted to either:

a)   use an URL or ad copy with the brand name "Thistle" or “Guoman” or any derivatives of the brand including miss-spellings and shortenings in the URLs, display URL or ad copy;

b)   use any trade marks belonging to the Company or any part of the Company’s group in a domain name or to use any variation of property name in PPC campaigns, e.g,, or;

c)   include trade marks of the Company (or the Company’s Group) , the term “Thistle” or “Guoman” and any property name in the sub domain of the display URL's in PPC campaigns or in the sub folders of the display URL's in PPC campaigns, e.g. ;; or; or

d)   operate domains which have the purpose of driving traffic from Search Engines away from websites operated by the Company – e.g., or

Agents can feature the domain name and on a website, email or newsletter which links directly to brand websites as long as it is clear that Agents do not represent themselves as the Company and the URL does not form a part of any PPC campaign.


As the Company has its own PPC programme which will link directly to sites operated by the Company ( and, Agents bidding on generic keywords should ensure their traffic is directed to their own websites first to ensure that Google, or other search engines, does not see this as double serving.

Negative Keywords List/Trademarks

Agents are not authorised to show adverts for a search on trade marked or excluded terms.

Ad Copy/Creative

Agents are not allowed to run old creative (creative will be uploaded and changed monthly as the promotions change and links are time sensitive). Agents must therefore review their creatives monthly to ensure that they are running the latest creative provided by the Company.  Any Agents found running old creatives and out of date ad title/copy shall be in material breach of their agreement with the Company, and may not be awarded any commission for that month.

Voucher Codes

Agents may not use voucher codes unless they have been specifically assigned by the Company, as commissions from orders using other voucher codes may not be approved.

Graphical Elements

There is a wide selection of creatives available. If these are not satisfactory to requirements then new designs may be submitted for approval. No new banners should be run until sign-off has been gained.

Email Policy

Agents are not permitted to send any unsolicited email ("spam").

Purchasing of Domain Names

Agents may not purchase and/or use any domain names that include the terms “Thistle” and “Guoman” and/or property names (eg., or, etc).

Google Maps and Directory Listings

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company, Agents are not allowed to submit details of hotels to Google Maps and directory listings such as Google Local Business Listing and Yell.  A review is being made of all these submissions and any Agent seen to be representing the brand in these listings may have its agreement terminated.

Agents will need to seek prior approval from the Company should they want to submit a listing.  Permission will be granted based on the volume of revenue generated by the Agent.

Intellectual Property

To the extent not granted in the Company’s specific agreement with the Agent, for the duration and the purpose of this agreement, the Agent grants to the Company and its group members a worldwide royalty-free, non-transferrable licence to copy, use and displays any advertising or any other logo, trademark, trade name or other intellectual property rights owned by or licensed to the Agent. The Agent warrants and represents that it owns or has the right to use and sub-license any intellectual property rights which uses or licenses for use to the Agent.

All intellectual property rights subsisting in or pertaining to the service, including but not limited to the websites, trademarks, and any software, technology or tools used by the Company to promote, market, sell, generate, or distribute the vouchers, and customer data collected via the provision of the service shall vest in and be owned exclusively by the Company. The Agent shall not translate, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble Company’s intellectual property rights.